Some insurance Companies offer discounted rates for contracting with a professional home watch company. Call your agent today. Then give us a call.

Weekly, Bi-monthly, and Monthly Home Visits
to inspect your investment

We will run all water to insure all wet plumbing traps are full so no plumbing odors back up into the house from dry traps, check for plumbing leaks, flush all toilets, adjust and set air conditioning and/or furnaces. Indoor trees and plants will be watered. The security of home is a number one commitment so we’ll make sure all windows and doors are secure. We’ll test and rotate the lighting timers in your home at each visit giving the appearance someone may be home. We will check smoke detectors and security systems to assure they are working properly replacing smoke detector batteries when necessary.

Visual inspections will be made in each room of walls, ceilings, and floors to ensure there are no roof or window leaks.

We will check your mailbox if you require and bring in mail as well as picking up any newspapers & flyers that may be in your yard and around your home. We can take out / bring in trash receptacles when necessary.

We will insure all yard and pool services are maintained by your contractors.

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Let us provide your home the TLC it needs while you’re away!
Linda Romeo