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Meet and greet guests at vacation rental properties

For our customers we offer airport pick up and drop off services upon request (additional fee required).

As your guests arrive at your home we will be there to add that personal touch to insure they receive the keys to the house and garage door opener. We will explain how to operate any and all equipment such as something as simple as the garbage disposal, trash compactor, and light switches throughout the house to more complex things like the heating and air conditioning system or pool and spa equipment or Bar-B-Q.

We can also tour your home with them making them feel at home with the knowledge that they have a support team close at hand. This tour can also act as a time to show there is no damage to your home prior to them taking possession of the house for the length of their stay.

We will go over any emergency information you deem necessary. Such as how to shut off the main gas supply in case of an emergency. Or if they accidentally set off the alarm system we can explain how to correct it and let them know to call us if for some reason they can’t resolve this or any other situation. We will also point out the location of the nearest medical facilities and hospitals closest to your home.
We can assist with locations and phone numbers of restaurants, banks, golf courses, hair salons and spas, grocery stores, and shopping in the area to help make their stay a little easier.

We can help you in creating an instruction booklet for them to refer to about your property containing all the above information.

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Let us provide your home the TLC it needs while you’re away!
Linda Romeo