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Inspect vacation rentals after cleaners
and before new guests arrive

Prior to your guest’s arrival we will inspect the home and take time dated and stamped photos of your home ensuring there is no damage to the property prior to your guests arrival. We will inspect to be sure your home has been properly cleaned, beds properly made, and all extra bedding has been laundered and put away. And make sure any previous damage if any has been fixed properly. You want your guests to feel like they are at home so we will insure the necessary supplies your new guests will need are there i.e. toilet paper, soaps, paper towels, dish detergent, cleaning supplies, coffee filters, coffee, powdered creamer, etc. or whatever supplies you deem necessary eliminating the need and inconvenience for your guests to shop for these basic articles after their arrival. We will adjust the heating or A/C to a comfortable level for your new guests entrance. We will place the home instruction booklet, keys and garage door opener on the kitchen counter so we may easily go over this information with them when they arrive at your home.

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Let us provide your home the TLC it needs while you’re away!
Linda Romeo